Other Approaches

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotional & Spiritual, Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Traditional Chinese Medicine essentially looks at any illness as being due to a dysfunction of several organs. We use an organ based approach, similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This approach has been shown to be helpful by many observational outcome studies conducted in China. These approaches are all safe and have been in use for several thousand years.
Emotional and Spiritual – We encourage the use of local therapists, healers etc., in order for patients suffering from life threatening illness to look at the broader emotional, lifestyle and spiritual issues in relation to their illness – recognizing bad patterns and fundamentally changing them. In many cases this can be a key step in the healing process. Patients may also benefit from a Mindfulness programme. Click here for details about MBCT.
Angiogenesis Inhibitors – These are substances which inhibit the formation of new blood vessels. For more information on their use, please contact the clinic.