Therapeutic Approaches

Conventional & Alternative Treatment

At the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine we offer a balanced and effective approach to the treatment and/or support of chronic and life threatening conditions.

Our approaches are broad and not proven in the conventional medical sense. Conventional medical trials tend to have a linear way of thinking in relation to the way they are set up i.e. do intervention A to get Result B. This is the basis of much of evidence-based medicine with the gold standard being recognised as the randomised control trial. This is also the basis on which most healthcare funding decisions are currently made.

The approaches we use, in life threatening illnesses, do not have as good an evidence base as do conventional approaches. The treatments we offer are by comparison safer than conventional treatment modalities.  It is however important to understand that significantly less research has been done with the approaches we offer than with conventional approaches. This is why our treatments are offered on an ‘informed consent’ basis only. It is important not to have false hopes as to what we might be able to achieve and that we do not advocate that we can cure your medical complaint.