The Dove Clinic Philosophy

Our goal is the attainment and maintenance of your good health through the creation of balance between mind, body and spirit. Central to this is facilitating the body’s immune system in the healing process. We believe complementary solutions, that avoid the possible hazards of drug toxicity and side effects, are the way ahead for human health. Where they cannot yet be the sole solution, our therapies will invariably add to our patients’ quality of life in supporting conventional treatments.
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Treatment programmes are individualized and may include the following:
Herbal MedicineTest Tube graphic
Nutritional Medicine
Environmental Medicine
Psychological support and MBCT
Ozone – administered as Autohaemotherapy
Biochemical Blood Tests
Intravenous Nutritional Support
Treatment (or support) programmes for life threatening illnesses
Dietary approaches
Colonic Hydrotherapy

As far as possible we work in an integrated way with other health care professionals including the GP and Hospital Consultant.