• “The team at the Dove Clinic were excellent in their care and during the whole process of FMT. In fact I am one of the rare people who had two FMTs; one in July 2017, after which there were dramatic improvements in my gut after 39 years of extreme food sensitivities and reactions, that were debilitating. The problems began after I caught a rare amoeba in the Himalayas at the age of 26. I had been to many specialists and practitioners, had invasive treatment and many years of antibiotics that had made my gut condition even worse, and nothing had worked. I was becoming desperate, then I heard about FMT.Although the first FMT brought about great improvements, these took a hit in October 2017 when I went on a yoga retreat in Ibiza where only well water was available to drink, and I caught aggressive parasites that caused two months of extreme diahorrea. I decided to repeat the FMT to optimise the microbiome, and I think as the first FMT had given me a good foundation, the second time was even better. Within two days my gut was transformed. Instead of going to the loo up to twenty times a day, it is now down to once or twice a day, and very calm. After 39 years this is transformative.Dr Kenyon was wonderful. Very easy to be with, and massively knowledgeable about the gut microbiome. The first time I met him I felt that he was someone who really could help me, after so many failed attempts with other practitioners and specialists. The nurses were a delight; warm, kind, caring, and very competent, and there were even moments of hilarity we shared during the ten implants for each FMT. They felt like good friends by the end. In fact all the staff there, the receptionists, the dispensing nurses, everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are ok.

    The procedure is a doddle, frankly. It takes about 3 minutes each time, and although a little uncomfortable for that time, it is certainly not painful. You lie on the couch for an hour chatting to a friendly nurse, then drive home. I have never shared my bowel habits as richly as I did with the nurses, so I feel they know me from the inside out!

    The second FMT took place through Christmas and New Year 2018, instead of a trip to Morocco. I didn’t mind a bit. I looked forward to my visits to the Clinic, as everyone was so warm and friendly, and I felt at last I was making progress after almost four decades.

    I feel very, very well now. At the age of 65 I feel more like 35, and feel that in a sense I can start life again, certainly in terms of health. I’m more easily able to travel now too, without the food reactions. I would like to thank the team at the Dove Clinic sincerely, and would recommend anyone to have FMT if that is the appropriate treatment. For me it has been a miracle.” PG

  • I wanted to thank you for your care of her over the last nine months. We have had a long and happy relationship with our family doctor, but by the time we first came to see you last December, he and her endocrinologist seemed to have run out of steam in terms of helping her. Whereas, from the first time she saw you, she felt that her problems were understood. She has followed your prescriptions religiously, and been very careful about balancing academic work, exercise, and rest; and it has been fantastic to see a steady rebuilding of her resistance, strength and stamina. There haven’t been any backward steps since she began with you; the recurring infections stopped; and while there will still be challenges ahead, she feels she is ready to tackle university life a long way from home. A year ago we could not have been at all confident of this. I know you see a lot of young people trying to get a grip on life at this crucial stage; we are very grateful that she has been one of them, and I’m sure that she will be back to see you during the Christmas holidays. The nurses who looked after her during her sessions at the clinic were very kind and friendly; and the dispensary service has been very efficient. AG
  • Thank you to the nurses for your professionalism and above all, the caring and friendly way you all go about your work.  At times it was a good laugh.  I actually enjoyed the experience of coming there but certainly it would not have been the same without the wonderful company of you all. Wishing all of you best wishes and thanks again. GH.
  • I cannot praise the nurses enough. I have had treatment twice at The Dove Clinic, the second time was for some low-dose immunotherapy. Every one of them without exception is kind and caring, professional and knowledgeable. They have so much experience that I feel completely safe in their hands. They are gentle and caring and know exactly how to handle each different situation. They recognise that each patient needs to be dealt with differently according to their own needs and circumstances. For example, I don’t like needles and I am not made to feel feeble, they simply recognise that we all have our own individual fears. – HRI was recommended to visit the Dove clinic by a friend who was a patient of Dr RF. I have had digestive problems including bloating and pain for many years, made worse by certain foods. It wasnt until I developed asthma and a sensitivity to chemicals aswell that I felt miserable and unwell enough to seek help outside the NHS. I came to see Dr F who took a long history and examined a sample of blood under the microscope, at this point I had no idea that I was looking at my own blood cells on his computer screen I actually thought his screen saver was bubbles!!!. He took time to carefully explain the problem, we discussed a course of supplements with the importance of some changes to my diet and after 4 weeks I was feeling a lot better but the allergies and chemical sensitivities were still a problem.
  • We discussed the low dose immunotherapy treatment. I then had a lot of painless skin tests that showed a strong reaction to many foods and chemicals. I started the vaccinations with trepidation although Ive been a trained nurse for over 30yrs !! I continued happily on this treatment for many months and I’m now glad to say I feel well and have much more freedom in my diet and lifestyle. I rarely use my asthma inhalers now. Dr F was always kind understanding & very supportive during my treatment as were all the DC staff. I still continue with the supplements especially the amazing Immiflex & havent had so much as a cold since I started it. I don’t hesitate to recommend the DC to anyone I think might benefit & would like to thank them for my new lease of life.
  • I said I would write to you about my experience of the Dove Clinic and my treatment for ME. When I first came to the clinic it was via a referral from a friend who I trust implicitly, she is a wise person but also knows how to research and had found you to treat her daughter. I had been feeling drained and tired for a number of years and my doctor consistently told me I had depression. Due to my experience and training in the therapy world I really knew that I wasn’t depressed and that there was something wrong with my body but I had no idea what.
  • After seeking help for years I came to your clinic and had a clear understanding about the issue within half an hour. Blood tests, unlike the ones undertaken in the NHS, clearly identified that my blood was in a very sorry state. It turned out that after suffering glandular fever earlier in my life the infection had continued to affect my blood cells and my love of running had made a bad situation much worse.
  • As a single parent with many financial commitments I was deeply worried about investing the money in treatment in case it didn’t work, but I didn’t feel I had a choice as it was getting increasingly difficult to work effectively. I am pleased to report that the treatment has worked. I do feel so much better. I can now work confidently, I feel sad that I haven’t been able to get back to running and only say that to add the realism that there are still limits to what I can do. In my everyday life I can operate as if nothing had happened, I no longer carry that constant feeling of staggering through the day, but I wouldn’t want to give a false impression of my experience. I am however enjoying work life and a full social life so that is fantastic.
  • As an aside I realised that my daughter, who also had glandular fever in her teens, had the same symptoms which were confirmed in the blood tests. She also had the treatment and I am pleased to say I have my vibrant young lady back to her energetic self. It helped to understand that there can be a genetic propensity to develop ME after suffering and infection or virus. It worries me that ME is so little understood. I am so glad that I trusted my intuition that I wasn’t depressed and found genuine treatment to deal with the root cause of my struggle. I wish you and Dr Kenyon all the very best in your important work. – Janine Clark
  • ‘I have had hayfever for twelve years since I was six.  Each year it got worse.  It began in May, (in time for the exams) and ended sometime in September. The summer was a misery, my eyes went red and swelled up, I constantly blew my nose, my throat itched and on top of that I got asthma. By the time September came I was so run down that when I went back to school I would pick up the viruses that people brought back from their holidays. It was getting to the point that I was more ill than well. I tried all the hayfever cures that medicine offers, but none of them were strong enough.  I then tried herbal and homeopathic remedies which did not work.  A friend told us about the Dove Clinic and we decided to give it a try.  The Dove Clinic suggested LDI Treatment.  Within literally two weeks all my hayfever symptoms had gone, this really is life changing and I look forward to summers without suffering’ – Caroline
  • “In 2008 I was diagnosed by The Dove Clinic with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and tied up with that my immune system had made enemies of virtually everything I could eat, leading to me losing 30 kg in weight in less than six months and being unable to enjoy much of a social life.  As part of my treatment for CFS it was suggested by the clinic that I should try Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI).  I agreed, though I was nervous of the need to self inject.  It turned out that the injections were just small sub-cutaneous ones that only register at most a short prick on insertion and nothing to worry about.  A little over 12 months later many of the reactions are under control, my diet is much more varied and I have regained weight, a little too much in fact.  Plus I can happily socialise once more.  LDI treatment is a slow process, but I would say that it’s definitely worth doing.”
  • “The treatment I have received at the Dove Clinic has been excellent in every way and I would like to personally thank you and all your team for your kindness and support in caring for me“.
  • “Dr Julian Kenyon has been my Doctor for many years.  His care for you as a patient is FOR you.  His detail for helping is fantastic.  Full marks.”
  • “I have always felt very welcome at the Dove Clinic – the service and treatments are excellent.”
  • “I was immensely pleased with the service the Dove Clinic provided to various patients.  The administrative staff were very good and co-operative in arranging my accommodation and other things during my treatment.”
  • “The nursing team are all excellent in performing their nursing duties in relation to integrated medicine.”
  • “In spite of it being a new type of medicine they have acquired a lot of knowledge both by theory and practice.  The staff are a great asset to the Dove Clinic.”
  • “They make patients feel so relaxed.  My sincere thanks to all of the nursing team in making my 2 weeks of treatment very pleasant and peaceful.”
  • “It’s always encouraging and a positive experience to visit the Dove Clinic – something I look forward to, rather than the dread of hospital visits and depressing, negative attitudes.”
  • Thanks Dr Julian Kenyon and the Dove Clinic, for giving me my life back.
    Forget Botox or beauty therapy: for that deep-down feel-good factor, look after your health first.  Dr Julian Kenyon and his Dove Clinic team can often help where orthodox medicine has failed to find an answer, treatment or cure. [read full testimonial]

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