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Hayfever and allergy relief – the natural way

As the frosts recede and the plants wake up, many of us rejoice at the coming of spring! But for an increasing number of people the warmer months are tarnished by hay fever symptoms of a runny nose, headaches, itching eyes and tiredness. Hay fever is caused by an immune reaction to pollen that is growing in frequency along with the closely associated conditions of asthma and eczema.

So, how can we re-balance our immune system and avoid steroids and anti-histamine tablets? The good news is that nutritional supplements to improve cell-mediated immune function such as beta 1-3 1-6 glucan (as found in Immiflex) and an approach called Neutralisation, offer effective, very safe and research-based alternatives. Neutralisation tackles the cause of the problem, whether food intolerance, animal or dust mite allergy, or the pollen reactions in hayfever. A series of dilutions of the specific allergen are tested on the individual until the end-point dilution that switches off the immune response is found. This can then be used for natural ongoing allergy relief, and has been proven effective in many clinical studies. For more information please see

February 2010 – for further information contact the Dove Clinic


European Nutripharm release on Wellmune (the active ingredient of ImmiFlex) – August 2009