Patient Information Leaflet

Welcome to The Dove Clinic.

To help you make the most of your appointment at the clinic,
we have put together a few suggestions and pieces of information. Please do not hesitate to
address any concerns or queries to our reception team, who are happy to help.

  • Before your first visit to the clinic it is a good idea to make a few notes about the things
    you would like to discuss with the doctor. We have included a notes sheet to help you
    do this.
  • Upon arrival your details will be checked and you will be invited to wait in our reception
    area. Drinks, newspapers and toilet facilities are provided.
  • We always endeavour to ensure that patients are seen at their appointed time.
    However, there are times when the doctor may be running late and we will keep you
    informed of any delays.
  • At the beginning of your first appointment you will undergo a ‘Live Blood Analysis’. This
    is a finger-prick blood test that enables us to examine your blood under the microscope
    and elicit important information about your current state of health. You will be able to
    see the blood test, as it is transmitted onto a monitor and the doctor will talk you through
    what is happening and what they are able to diagnose from the test.
  • The doctor will take a medical history from you and may carry out a physical
    examination. Please ensure that you discuss all your concerns/health issues with the
    doctor, so that the best possible treatment plan can be agreed. You may find it helpful
    to write down the answers to your questions, as patients sometimes find that they can’t
    remember everything when they get home!
  • The doctor will carry out an ‘Oberon’ diagnostic test. This involves you wearing a set of
    headphones that are connected to a computer. The computer then picks up your
    magnetic waves and transmits them to the computer, which is able to highlight areas of
    concern in your body. This diagnostic aid enables the doctor to more accurately pinpoint your particular health concerns and suggest suitable treatment and medication.
  • Once again, you will see what is happening and will be able to discuss the test,
    diagnosis, treatment and medication with the doctor.
  • During your consultation, the doctor may use his dictating machine to record information
    to assist in the preparation of the post-consultation letter which he will send you to
    explain his treatment plan. He is not alone in the medical profession in operating in this
    way and we hope you will understand the reasons why he does this.
  • Following your consultation, you may have some acupuncture. If so, the pins will be
    put into your ear and you will be invited to sit quietly in our upstairs waiting area for
    about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Following your consultation, you will be asked to wait for your medicines/supplements.
    The dispenser will discuss all your prescribed medicines/supplements with you and you
    will have the opportunity to ask any questions.
  • If the doctor has prescribed any further blood tests for you, the receptionist will inform
    the nursing team, who will call you in to the nursing department as soon as they are
    free. Blood tests usually take about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • At the end of your appointment you will be asked to pay for the consultation and
    medicines received and will be able to make your next appointment if required.
  • Please refer to our ‘fees sheet’ in your brochure (or ask the reception team for a copy)
    if you want to be reminded of our charges.
  • We appreciate feed-back from our patients and visitors, so please do not hesitate to let us
    know if there is anything more we can do to make your visit as pleasant and positive an
    experience as possible. Tel: 01962 718000
    Practice Manager