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This section of the website is for patients only – those who have specifically registered an interest in finding out further information.  New Patient information is linked below.  The Dove Clinic treats a number of chronic and life threatening conditions.

Cancer is one of our main clinical interests. Most of the Cancer patients we see have Cancer which has spread (Metastatic) and many have run out of treatment options.

All our treatment options are compatible with standard treatment methods in Oncology and Radiotherapy. Each Cancer case is assessed on an individual basis to see which treatment approaches would work best, and to see what marries up with what is affordable from the patient’s point of view.

One of the most reliable approaches we have to see whether whatever treatment approach we are recommending is working, is to use Circulating Tumour Cell Test. This test has to be booked in with the Nurses, with a FedEx van waiting, the blood is taken to the worldwide collecting laboratory in Switzerland. A week to 10 days later, this comes back with a result showing the number of tumour cells per 7.5ml of blood, and shows us how those cells are behaving, this is called the ‘phenotype’ as opposed to the genotype. Then whatever treatment approaches we have recommended would be carried out and the Circulating Tumour Cell Test would be repeated again three months later to see if what we have tried is working, this will be shown by reduction in the number of circulating tumour cells per 7.5ml. If not, then we can try different approaches. As you can see from the information we have here, we have many different approaches to treat Cancer. We are not claiming in any way that standard treatments for Cancer are ineffective, they are effective, and that includes Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery, but the majority of our cases have failed these approaches.

New Patients

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