Insurance & NHS Funding

Private Health Insurance

The Dove Clinic does not offer treatments which are funded directly by private health insurance companies.   However, some consultation and/or treatment fees may be eligible for cover under certain policies. Most insurance companies do not pay for medication and any agreement for reimbursement is solely a matter between the insurance company and the patient.

Please ensure to check your policy before consultation or treatment at the Dove Clinic. It is the patient’s responsibility to meet the cost of treatment at the time of appointment and to seek reimbursement from their health insurance provider. For any documentation to support an insurance claim, please liaise with our reception team.

NHS Funding

You may be able to come to the Dove Clinic as a NHS patient. This depends on your GP being willing to submit a funding application to his or her Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and they be willing to agree to this request.  In reality very few patients are able to visit the Dove Clinic under the auspices of the NHS.

Please ask your GP about this before coming for an appointment as you will have to privately pay for your consultation and any treatment, unless your CCG has agreed in writing to pay.