Immune Therapy

This centres around the use of medications known to improve cell mediated immunity. The main group of these medications are the proteoglycans preparations (1-3, 1-6 beta glucans), and there is a good deal of research evidence to show that these preparations specifically improve cell mediated immune function which act as the front line of immune surveillance, by stimulating CR3 receptors on the innate immune cells. A wide variety of chronic illnesses, life threatening disease and allergies are caused or worsened by weakenend or ineffective immune function, addressing these issues are a key part of the Dove Clinic’s approach.

In some cases, we refer our patients to clinics abroad, in order to obtain a dendritic cell therapy vaccine, though this is not prescribed directly by the Dove Clinic.

For a number of serious illnesses, intravenous Vitamin C may be administered at very high doses, at which level it has a pro-oxidant as opposed to an anti-oxidant effect. This three week programme is run at our Winchester clinic only and has extensive research support.  As mentioned elsewhere, all our treatment programmes are offered on an informed consent basis.

We also administer Vitamin C Therapy using various oral supplements, which raise the serum levels of vitamin C reached by the vitamin C infusion programme.