Biological Age Testing

Knowing Your Biological Age can help you make decisions about your future health.  We now offer the test to give you this information. We can also advise on where to make changes.

Have you ever wondered what your body’s true (biological) age is?

New technology means that we are now able to indicate your body’s biological age from a blood sample which can be analysed using the glycans within the blood.  The test the Dove Clinic is using utilises cutting edge, patented technology and has now been taken by over 80,00 people worldwide.

What Do I Need To Do?

Glycan Age Test Kit
GlycanAge test kit

Test kits are available at the Dove Clinic.  Your test will be supervised by a nurse and we will register the kit, send off the sample, then let you know the conclusions.  The testing involves taking four samples – usually obtained from one pinprick.  You do not need to have a consultation with Dr Kenyon but if you would like to discuss the result and identify steps that might improve the result, then we offer that option too. For more information, please contact our Reception Team

What Are Glycans?

Glycans are one of four building blocks of life (alongside proteins, nucleic acids and lipids). They are complex sugars that are involved in almost every process in our body.

Every person in the world has a particular glycosylation pattern – a bit like DNA. But unlike DNA, we have the power to affect our glycans by improving our health and lifestyle.

Many external factors that could affect our health leave a mark on our glycan pattern. Through researching more than 80,000 people worldwide, we’re able to accurately analyse these patterns. The result is the most accurate biological age – your GlycanAge.

Why Are Glycans Important?

More than half of all our proteins are glycosylated, with their glycan parts often playing an essential functional role. Glycans are crucial for the functioning of our immune system. Glycans attached to the antibodies modulate their activity and determine if they will have a pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory function. Thus, it is not surprising that glycan profiles can serve as a measure of an individual’s health. The GlycanAge test looks at the glycosylation pattern of the immunoglobulin G (IgG) molecule. IgG is the most prevalent antibody type in our blood and especially important in controlling inflammation and pathogens.

Why is the GlycanAge test done from blood?

GlycanAge is based on the analysis of glycans attached to immunoglobulin G. IgG is one of the most abundant antibody types in our blood and its function is to defend our organism from various diseases. Glycans attached to IgG are able to change the function of IgG from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory. We need both functions for a strong immune system, but the balance between them will determine our general health status and consequentially our biological age.