About The Team

At the Dove Clinic we offer a wide spectrum of complementary treatments and therapies under the direction of one of the leading experts in the field – Dr Julian Kenyon.

Dr Julian Kenyon, a medical practitioner, working in Integrated Medicine was the founding partner of the Centre for Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton and London. This Clinic pioneered an integrated approach to medicine based on subtle energy techniques proven over centuries in the East.

Now Dr Kenyon, who was the Founder-Chairman of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and who studied acupuncture in China, has made available the next–generation of integrated medicine at The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, which opened in November 2000.

Dr Kenyon has a particular interest in immune function and its relationship to the development of life threatening illnesses and chronic disease in general.

He co-founded the British Society of Integrated Medicine which held its inaugural meeting in November 2003.

The doctors and nurses who form the Dove Clinic’s team are committed to a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to health care – which means giving equal attention to body, mind and spirit in a caring, peaceful and nurturing environment.

In addition to the qualifications shown below, all our staff under-take continual professional development (CPD), together with mandatory Health and Safety training.

Organisational Structure – available on request

Our team consists of a Practice Manager, Dispensers, a registered Nursing team, Receptionists and Secretaries